Got Blooms??

Hi there.  I know I haven’t posted much lately…shame on me, right.  The reason I haven’t posted is I finally started remodeling projects on my house!  It’s slow going cause I’m on a tight budget and I’m doing most of the work myself (and with the help of my very awesome friends), but I am absolutely delighted with the changes so far.  Will start posting pics on the progress soon.  But today I thought I’d post pics of some of my first blooms of the season.  It’s been a warm winter (thankfully), so everything’s blooming a few weeks sooner than normal.  You won’t catch me complaining about that though!  Enjoy the pics and I’ll be back soon.

Clotilde Soupert, Climbing 02-25-12


Freesia 02-25-12


Maman Cochet 02-25-12


Freesia 02-25-12

Freesia has a to-die-for fragrance.  It’s in a pot by the house and I can smell it clear across the pool patio.

Maman Cochet 02-25-12


Clotilde Soupert, Climbing 02-25-12


Maman Cochet 02-25-12

This week I’m hanging out with these very cool blogs…be sure to take a peek at them!
Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!

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