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Harmonia axyridis

In other words…the North American Ladybug.

Yes, this little alligator lookalike bug is the ladybug larvae (baby).

And this is the beautiful adult Ladybug it turns into:

Adult Ladybug

Adult Ladybug

Do you know how beneficial ladybugs are to our gardens?  Well, these little bitty girls and guys just love, love, love to eat bad bugs such as aphids and scale.  So, please, don’t kill the ladybugs.  And when you see aphids or scale on your plants, why don’t you just let nature take its course instead of reaching for the insecticide? Once the ladybugs are in your garden, they will clean up all the bad bugs.  Just be patient.

Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!

Jeanni and Gibbs