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Call the Popo cause a crime’s been committed!!

Well it seems some shenanigans of the worst kind took place in my very own home today.  About 10:00 I mosey one block down the road to watch Lake Helen’s 4th of July parade.  About 10:30 I mosey back that one block to my house.  Upon walking into the fireplace room I notice that something’s very amiss…  Hmmmmm.  What is wrong with this picture??  Well, for starters normally I don’t have a half-eaten loaf of bread just laying around the house! 

Where the crime took place

I wonder who may have put it there?  I’m thinking this boy, who goes by the name of Gibbs, looks pretty guilty.  What do you think?

The suspect

After investigating a bit more, I find actual CRUMBS on the rug of the aforementioned suspect.  It’s starting to look pretty bad for him about now…

The very convincing evidence

 About this time the suspect decides he better start sucking up to a not-very-happy momma cause he’s starting to feel like he’s in some pretty deep doo-doo.  He’s beginning to get the idea that maybe getting that loaf of bread that mom just brought home from the store YESTERDAY off of the countertop and eating half of it wasn’t such a good idea after all!

Half eaten loaf

So he proceeds to put on his I’m-so-sorry face and rubs against me and gives me little nose kisses.  But of course I can’t let him off that easy.  Oh no.  He’s got to learn his lesson that that behavior is just not accepted in this house.  And this is the face he gives me as I’m trying my darndest to yell at him…

Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful

Really?? Could you yell or be mad at that face?? I tell you what, it took everything I had not to laugh at him.  Had to just walk away.  Of course he followed me.  And of course I couldn’t even remotely stay mad very long.  Besides…it was just a loaf of bread.

Moral of the story:  Don’t leave bread on the countertop if you don’t want your dog to eat it.  Simple as that.