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And the real name of “Unknown Daylily” is…

Daylily 'Autumn Red'

‘Autumn Red’!  Yep, Rhonda and I were correct in our thoughts that my Unknown-Daylily-that-is-not-a-Black-Eyed-Stella daylily was an ‘Autumn Red’ daylily.

I bought the batch of daylilies that Autumn Red was in from Gilbert H. Wild’s nursery the beginning of this year.  I tell you what…everytime I deal with everyone at that nursery, the happier I am with them.  I’ve bought from them for about ten years now and this was the first time any type of mistake was made.  I sent them an email late Saturday night asking which daylily my unknown was.  Well, by early Monday morning I had a response from them sittin in my email in-box!  AND they were so apologetic about the mistake and wanted to credit my account.  Gracious, it was only one mistaken daylily out of the 35 I ordered that time.  So I told them nope, didn’t need any credit…I was perfectly happy with everything.  Don’t you just love dealing with companies that have great customer service?

Well, now that I know which one she is I’ve updated Autumn’s description page if you’d like to get more info on her.

Speaking of her description page…see all those titles at the very top of my home page?  All of those titles will eventually have a boat load of information in them.  I’m trying to take an hour or two every night to add pics, descriptions, etc. to them.  Basically I’m taking my hand-written garden journals of the past twenty-some-odd years and putting them into this blog.  So, yea, I’m thinking it might take me a little while to get everything in.  But take a gander at them every once in awhile…maybe you’ll find something new and exciting about gardening or Florida or me that you didn’t know.

Anyway.  This post is gonna be short and sweet tonight.  I’m tired and bout ready for the bed.  So I reckon that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!