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Who Dat

New Orleans. Just the sound of those words has magic in it. I’ve wanted to live in New Orleans for as long as I can remember. Everything about the city intrigued and excited me. I’ve even been a Saints fan starting way back in the ’80s when we were the sad sad ‘Aints.

I realize tons of people visit NOLA, fall in love with it, and never leave. But that’s the kicker for me … I never visited NOLA before moving here. Oh, the family passed through it once on a trip from New Mexico to Florida. I remember turning around in the seat to watch the city’s light fade away in the station wagon’s back window. But that’s as close as I got to visiting. So back in June when I moved, not knowing a soul, most people thought I was crazy. Me, heck, I just looked at it as another awesome life adventure.

The city spoke to me and drew me in. It felt familiar and safe from the moment I got here. And it feels like I’ve lived here forever even though it’s only been a tad over a month now. Why is that, I wonder. Maybe it’s along the lines of why I can’t sit with my back to a window or door. Past life experience? Intuition of some sort? Not sure, but I do know the deja vu has been incredibly strong and frequent since moving here.

Gibbs and I found an amazingly little cute apartment in an old Victorian house on Napoleon Avenue only three blocks from all the shops and restaurants and bars on glorious Magazine Street.

See the roses and gargoyle?

See the roses and gargoyle?

There are only five apartments in the house, so I don’t feel closed in by too many people. lol Want to know the best part of my apartment? It’s on the Mardi Gras parade route! I can sit on my little balcony and watch the whole parade go by. No fuss, no muss.


Yeah, construction is on-going in the neutral ground. A pain in the ass, but it’s to help the flooding issue so we deal with it. After November 2016 it’ll be green space again.

Life is so good here. My business, Roses and Gargoyles Gardenscapes, is starting to take off already. I’ve met some really cool people. Gibbs and I are having a ball exploring the city. It’s very dog friendly, btw. There’s so much beauty and history and architecture and diversity here, it just makes my heart sing. I want to share all of that with you, and this blog is going to help me do just that.

So stay tuned cause we’re gonna have us some fun now.

Who Dat!

Jeanni and Gibbs


Gardening Equals Happiness

No wonder digging in the dirt makes me so happy!

“Gardening is known for its meditative and relaxing effects. Medical News Today reports UK scientists found a helpful bacteria in soil that affects the brain in nearly the same way anti depressants do – by increasing the release of serotonin.” Taken from Natural Cures Not Medicine


So go dig in the dirt and make yourself happy!

Cheers to an awesome rest of the day…

Jeanni and Gibbs


Letting the Good Bugs Win

Hi there.

This is a story of what happens when, instead of automatically grabbing the insecticide, you let nature take its course.

Yesterday I noticed this on my tomato plants:

Tomato Hornworm 09-13

It’s the Tomato Hornworm.  It’s really kinda pretty except for the fact that it’s eating all the leaves on my tomato plants.  And I think it turns into one of the Hawk Moths, which are cool.  Well, I decided to leave it be for the time being.  The next day I went to see how much more he’d eaten and this is what I found:

Parasitic Wasps on Tomato Hornworm 09-14

How cool is that!  Ok, it’s kinda yucky but still very cool.   The white stuff is the larva of the Braconid Wasp, which is a natural predator of the Tomato Hornworm.  BW is a tiny beneficial bug that lays its eggs inside the TH, then the larva eat their way out, eventually killing the TH.  If you leave the TH on the plant and let the BWs do their thing, then you’ll have plenty of new BWs flitting around your garden doing their best to keep your garden free of Tomato Hornworms.

And that, my friend, is nature at its best.

Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!

Jeanni and Gibbs

Another Reason I Haven’t Posted Lately

Hello there!  Well, the last time I posted was February and that post was talking about why I hadn’t posted in awhile…which is the same theme of this post.  But my reason this time is extra special cool:  I opened a Garden Center in Lake Helen named Roses and Gargoyles!  Yep, back in March I came up with a half-baked idea that my town needs a garden center and that I need to be the person to give them one. Since then I’ve been working like crazy to make it happen.  And my half-baked idea turned into a reality on Opening Day, Saturday, September 1.

I named it “Roses and Gargoyles” for the simple reason I couldn’t think of any other name I like as much as that one.  It’s definitely a different name, and I’m pretty sure there will be no other garden center close by with the same name.  Take a look at the R&G flyer for more info.  You can also visit R&G’s website,, and its Facebook page at

Opening weekend and this first full week has been great.  Getting to be around plants all day, talking about plants with people, and actually getting paid to do that is Amazing!  I am so very blessed to be in a situation to do something like this with my life.

The next big thing for R&G is my Grand Opening/Fall Garden and Art Festival.  I’m in the process of lining up speakers to give talks on various subjects as “growing plants, veges, and herbs from organic seeds,” and “Florida native plants.”  I’m also working on getting the Bat Lady to talk about why bats are wonderful and how to attract them.

So if you’re in the Lake Helen area please stop by to say hi.  Gibbs and I would love to see you there.

Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!

Jeanni and Gibbs

Got Blooms??

Hi there.  I know I haven’t posted much lately…shame on me, right.  The reason I haven’t posted is I finally started remodeling projects on my house!  It’s slow going cause I’m on a tight budget and I’m doing most of the work myself (and with the help of my very awesome friends), but I am absolutely delighted with the changes so far.  Will start posting pics on the progress soon.  But today I thought I’d post pics of some of my first blooms of the season.  It’s been a warm winter (thankfully), so everything’s blooming a few weeks sooner than normal.  You won’t catch me complaining about that though!  Enjoy the pics and I’ll be back soon.

Clotilde Soupert, Climbing 02-25-12


Freesia 02-25-12


Maman Cochet 02-25-12


Freesia 02-25-12

Freesia has a to-die-for fragrance.  It’s in a pot by the house and I can smell it clear across the pool patio.

Maman Cochet 02-25-12


Clotilde Soupert, Climbing 02-25-12


Maman Cochet 02-25-12

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Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!

Ho, Ho Ho!!

Merry Christmas to you!  I hope everyone has a joyous, wonderful, loving, stress-free Christmas.

I’m having the perfect start to my morning:  coffee on the pool patio while watching the sun come up.  After it warms up a little, Gibbs is getting a bath, then I’ll finish packing our bags and we’re heading to Mom and Dad’s house.  Can’t wait to see my family again.

Weather’s going to be perfect:  around 80 for a high and sunny.  It’s about 60 right now (7:00 Christmas Eve morning).  Yep, that’s why I live in central Florida!

Gibbs, Bear, and Tide.

Bear and Tide were our puppy houseguests over Thanksgiving weekend.  The boys helped me decorate the Christmas tree…didn’t they do a wonderful job!
Well, time for another cup of coffee, so that’s all for now.  Cheers to a very awesome Christmas!
Jeanni and Gibbs

Lake Helen’s Fall Color

What’s that you say? You don’t believe that Central Florida actually gets Fall color? Well, for the most part, no, we don’t.  At least not like the Fall colors in the colder parts of the country.  What we do get is Fall color of a different kind.

Some of our trees’ leaves change before they drop…



"Forest Pansy" Redbud

And some of our trees give us color by flowering this time of the year…



Cassia (yellow blooms) and Golden Rain Tree (red seed pods)

Then there are the roses… oh my goodness the roses…

Alister Stella Gray 11-05-2011


Alister Stella Gray 11-05-2011


Alister Stella Gray 11-05-2011


Don Juan 11-05-2011


Climbing Clothilde Soupert 11-05-2011


Rosette Delizy 11-05-2011


Ducher 11-05-2011


Jacqueline du Pre' 11-05-2011


Souvenir de la Malmaison 11-05-2011

And the shrubs…

Sweet Almond Bush 11-05-2011


Sweet Almond Bush (bloom) 11-05-2011


Mexican Bush Sage and Vinca 11-05-2011


Mexican Bush Sage (bloom) 11-05-2011


"Royal" Jasmine 11-05-2011


"Royal" Jasmine 11-05-2011


Night Blooming Jasmine (and a nice shot of my trash can!) 11-05-2011


Banana Shrub (look at all those buds!!!) 11-05-2011


Muhly Grass 11-05-2011


Muhly Grass (bloom upclose) 11-05-2011

and perennials…

"Dancing Girl" Ginger 11-05-2011


"Dancing Girl" Ginger 11-05-2011


"Dancing Girl" Ginger 11-05-2011


Torenia 11-05-2011


Salvia 11-05-2011


Salvia (bloom) 11-05-2011


Firebush 11-05-2011

and here are some various bed shots…

Firebush, Lantana, Alister Stella Gray 11-05-2011


Firebush, Lantana, Alister Stella Gray 11-05-2011


Orchid Vine (on fence. aren't those seed pods the coolest??), Jatropha (in the middle with red blooms), Ducher 11-05-2011


Muhly Grass in the foreground 11-05-2011

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Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!

Going Au Naturel…

Don’t worry…I haven’t become a nudist.  But I did fertilize with all those wonderful organic fertilizers that my garden loves:  alfalfa pellets, bone meal, blood meal, cottonseed meal, and milorganite.  That along with the horse poopy I put down a couple of weeks ago and the rain we’ve been getting lately means the garden should start looking much healthier and happier soon.  I cut way, way back on the fertilizing earlier in the season cause of the drought and high temps cause I didn’t want to force new growth that was just gonna get fried and stress the plants out.  So my fertilizing schedule is totally off this year.  But having to deal with what Mother Nature sends us is just a part of gardening.

So, you ask, what exactly does all that organic fertilizer stuff do?  Good question!  Organics provide nutrients to the plants along with improving the viability of the soil as they break down.  Most of the organics I use are slow release except for blood meal which is considered a fast release organic.  Here’s what I use and what they do:

  • Alfalfa Pellets:  Gives the plants slow-release nitrogen and trace minerals.  It also contains a naturally occurring plant hormone called triaconatol that stimulates growth by improving photosynthesis and cell division.You can use either alfalfa meal or alfalfa pellets.  If you use pellets be sure to get the pellets used for horse food and not for rabbit food.  The rabbit food pellets have salt added to it and salt build-up in the soil is not a good thing.  I use 1 – 2 cups per bush depending on the size of the bush.  3-0-2
  • Blood Meal:  Gives quick-release of nitrogen.  Yes, it is exactly what the name says:  made from blood, usually from cows.  It’s awesome in its ability to green plants up quickly that need a nitrogen fix.  This stuff is very potent so be sure to use it as recommended on the bag!  Mine’s from Hi-Yield and 1/4 of a cup (yes, only 1/4) is enough for a 3’x3′ area.  That’s a big area for only 1/4 of a cup.  Lessen the amount for smaller bushes and plants in containers.  For large climbing roses or trees the amount can be increased.  It’s water soluble so it can be mixed in a water can and used that way.  I’ve never used it in a sprayer so I don’t know if that’ll work.  12-0-0
  • Bone Meal:   This is basically ground up bones.  It proves a very slow-release of phosphorous and calcium.   It doesn’t travel easily through the soil so be sure to either work it into the soil or add it to the hole when planting.  I use 1/4 – 1 cup per bush.  4-12-0
  • Cottonseed Meal:  Provides a slow-release of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and minor elements.  It also loosens heavy soils and helps sandy soils hold water and nutrients.  1 – 4 cups per bush depending on the size.  6.5-2.5-1.5
  • Milorganite:  Slow-release of nitrogen and phosphorus and iron.  1 – 2 cups per bush depending on size.  5-2-0

Organics are awesome cause they increase the biological activity of the soil structure as they break down.  Simply put, all the little microscopic and not so microscopic critters that make your soil healthier like to hang around where organics are.  The microorganisms break the organics down and release the nutrients for the plants to use.  As the breaking down happens other critters, such as earthworms, show up to either munch on the organic goodies or use them in building their tunnels.  And we all know how incredibly cool and helpful earthworms are to our gardens!  So by using organics you not only fertilize your plants you also increase your soil which in turn helps your garden to be healthier and happier.

The three numbers at the end of each organic description, i.e., 5-2-0 for Milorganite,  represent the macronutrient analysis of Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium of each fertilizer.  All of my organics are from Hi-Yield except for the Milorganite.  The numbers can be different if your organics are from a different distributor.

There are differing opinions of whether organics should be worked into the soil of existing beds or just used as top dressing (meaning just thrown on top of the soil).  I personally agree with the opines that as organics decompose (or “cure”) they generate heat.  And that heat has the possibility of damaging the tender feeder roots of plants if the organics are worked into the soil.  So I pull back the mulch, toss the organics around the drip line, and put the mulch back in place over the organics.  (The “drip line” is the area below the canopy of the plant’s leaves.  Keep in mind that roots rarely grow past the plant’s drip line.)  Please, please, please do not pile the organics up against the trunk or stems or base of the plant!  That same curing heat that damages the feeder roots means the organics are too hot to be placed up against the plant.

I’ve got the perfect example of an organic that was too hot and damaged the plants it was on.  Remember my post on getting two loads of horse poopy?  Well, one load was aged and one load was fresh.  Usually I unload stuff like that onto the driveway by the double gates but I knew the heat from the horse poop along with the heat from the driveway along with the fact that it was August in Florida would probably kill me if I put it on the driveway.  So I put both loads in separate piles on the grass.  In the pic below, the pile in front is the aged one and I was just starting to unload the fresh one.  The aged pile actually sat on the grass for about twelve hours longer than the fresh one did.   

Poopy and Crazy Dog

The next two pics were taken about a week after I’d put the poop into the beds.  This is the grass that had the aged poop on it.  You can see that some of the grass was killed, but definitely not all of it.

Aged Pile Area

And this is the area where the fresh pile was.  Pretty much all the grass and weeds were killed cause the heat coming from the pile as it decomposed was extremely high.

Fresh Pile Area

See the difference?  Today the aged pile area is all filled in and looks great.  The fresh pile area is just barely starting to show new growth.  The grass will eventually fill in, but in the meantime it doesn’t look real pretty.  So keep that in mind before piling any type of fertilizer right next to the plant.
I like mixing my own organics so I buy 50-pound bags of each type mentioned above from a local feed store.  If you’re not into doing that, there are some great pre-mixed organic fertilizers out there:  Rose Tone and Plant Tone (any of “Tone” fertilizers actually) and Mills Magic Mix are just a couple I can think of off the top of my head.  Check with your local nursery for more recommendations.  If you grow roses your local rose society is your best bet for info.
Oh, please don’t forget to water well after putting those organics down!  Watering helps to start the curing process.  Even better is try to time it where you put the organics down before just before a good rainstorm comes.  That’s definitely what I try to do.
My next post I’m gonna introduce you to my East Fire Pit Bed and East Pool Bed.  Here’s a teaser of that post for you:

Baronne Henriette de Snoy 07-30-2011


Baronne Henriette de Snoy 07-30-2011

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Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!

Garden Journal

 Yo.  Whatzup with you? Glad you’re hangin with me today!

Hey, do you keep a garden journal?  Is it handwritten or ‘puterized?  I’ve kept one off and on for the past twenty-some-odd years.  Handwritten on notebook paper and kept in 3-ring binders.  But it’s time to put down the pen and pick up the keyboard so this blog is gonna take the place of my notebook paper and binders (am I the only one that thinks that’s kinda sad?).  A downside to that is I’ve got a desktop pc so I can’t sit outside and work on journal updates like I could with pen and paper.  bummer.  The plan though is to buy myself a laptop Christmas present (I’ll try to act surprised…) so that problem will be solved in a few short months.

Well.  Let’s see.  Since this is now my garden journal, it needs to be updated with all the info I kept in the binders:

  • Plant descriptions and pics.  Already started on this…got so many more to add it’s almost overwhelming.  Gotta keep reminding myself that one at a time is all I can do.
  • Garden layouts.  I design my gardens by hand on graph paper so it’ll be easy to scan and add a “Garden Layout” page.  That way when I post about adding plants to the East Fence Bed you’ll know what I”m talking about!  I don’t label my plants in the garden so the layouts remind me who got planted where.  Don’t wanna be calling anyone by the wrong name.  It hurts their feeling and they pout by not blooming as well…
  • Before and after pics.  Yep…wait till you see what the garden looked like in the beginning.
  • Fertilizing and pruning info.
  • Good bug / bad bug info.
  • Gardening definitions.

I want this to be not just my journal but also someplace you can come to and enjoy garden pics and maybe learn something you didn’t know about gardening.  After all, sharing information with other gardeners is one of the many aspects of gardening that I love.

Ok.  Kinda got my thoughts going in the right direction now.  So now I’m gonna introduce you to my garden beds so you can see what I’ve got in each one.  Today you get to meet the West Fence Bed!  This is the bed I recently added the concrete border to so you’ve already seen a couple of pics of it.

Shed side of west fence bed

Driveway Side of West Fence Bed

Middle of West Fence Bed

Looking at West Fence Bed from Shade Area

WFB is a pretty big bed – 61′ long x 14′ at its widest point and 6′ at its narrowest point.  The plants in it were planted either in 2010 or 2011, so they’re pretty much babies.

I chose Society Garlic as the border. Luv, luv, luv Society Garlic.

Society Garlic


Society Garlic Bloom


Society Garlic Border (before concrete border)

On the fence line I’m alternating Fire Bush with climbing roses.  The only climber in the bed now is Alister Stella Gray.  I’ve got spaces for two more…just haven’t decided which ones to get yet.

Alister Stella Gray (Full Shrub)


Alister Stella Gray


Alister Stella Gray


Alister Stella Gray 07-23-2011

Two of the Fire Bush came back nicely from last winter’s freeze.  The third was a bit slooowwer to start growing again.  But since the rains finally came all three have put on a ton of growth. 

Fire Bush

Hey – look!  There’s weeds in that bed!  ha.

Fire Bush Bloom

Around the sitting area are three white lantana.  White lantana seems to be less hardy than some of the other lantana colors…maybe that’s why it isn’t seen used as much.  Personally…I think it’s gorgeous.

Lantana - White

I’ve got a bird feeder in this bed and as usual for having a bird feeder all kinds of weeds and corn and stuff start growing around it.  99% of that stuff gets pulled out but seeing this pop up just made me smile:


It’s so cute!

Sunflower behind Society Garlic

I’ve got a few other roses in this bed.  They are:
Sheila’s Perfume

Sheila's Perfume


Sheila's Perfume


Sheila's Perfume



Mutabilis is a China rose and one of the cool things about it is its flowers change colors!  They vary from peach to pink to red.  A bush in full bloom is so pretty cause it looks like it’s got a bunch of different colored butterflies resting on it.  Can’t wait till mine gets bigger and starts blooming more.





Sheila's Perfume in front and Mutabilis in the back

 Madame Isaac Perriere

Madam Isaac Perriere


Madam Isaac Perriere

 And last but not least of the roses is Jacqueline du Pre.  However Ms Jacqui hasn’t been behaving very nicely this year…she got blackspot and went nekkid for awhile.  Lately though she’s decided she looks much prettier with clothes on so she’s starting to leaf out.  I was gonna post a pic of her but she told me she would be horribly embarrassed if I did that.  So I promised her I’d wait till she got all glamed up before showing her off.  Yeah, I talk to my flowers…don’t you??
And that is my West Fence Bed.  It’s nowhere as full up with flowers as I plan it to be, and the ones that are planted are nowhere near how big and beautiful they’re gonna get.  I’m usually out in the garden taking pics every week so I’ll be sure to post them so you can see the changes too.
Hope you’ve enjoyed my West Fence Bed tour!  Next week we’ll do a tour of another bed.
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Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!

Cicadas and Blacksnakes and Hawks…oh my!

I swear sometimes it’s like I’ve got an episode of Wild Kingdom happening in my garden.  This week’s episode was the birthing of a cicada…not real pretty btw; one of my resident blacksnakes climbing the fence to get his lizard lunch; and gorgeous hawks just hangin out.

Cicadas are everywhere in my garden.  I hear their nightly serenade from the trees, see their funky little empty shells hanging out on the shed and on the fences, and watch the birds chasing and catching them for dinner.  But have never seen one doing its birthing/molting thing.  Have to say it’s kinda gross.  Pretty much like some ugly-ass alien baby being born.  Yuck.  Seeing this vision of loveliness (not) started when I was hand watering the Souvenir de la Malmaisons in the Driveway Bed with the hose.  I’m standing there just a watering away when I see a cicada shell on the picket fence.  And it looks like it’s got something attached to it.  So I spray it trying to get it off the fence.  The thing kinda wiggles a bit but doesn’t fall off.  Hmmmm.  That’s weird.  I walk over to take a closer look and this is what I see:

Cicada Molting

What the hell???  That’s just plain gross looking.  At first I thought it was something eating the shell.  After looking at it from different angles I finally figured out it looked like a full grown cicada.  That’s when the light bulb came on over my head…dumbass, that’s part of the cicada life cycle!  One of the reasons it looks so gross…other than it really is gross…is this pic shows its tummy so poor little guy is molting upside down.  Don’t know if that’s normal or not.   I’m just glad I didn’t drown the poor thing trying to spray him off the fence!   This is the empty shells they leave behind after molting:

Empty Cicada Shell

Ahhhhh blacksnakes.  Do you know how beneficial BSs (that’s “blacksnakes” not “bullshitzers”) are to our gardens?  They eat rats and bugs and lizards, and frogs, and other snakes, and birds.  Well, maybe not so much good that they eat birds, but the rest of their diet is very good.  These guys are non-venomous and will only strike when cornered.  Most of the time they turn and hightail it out of there when we come face to face.  I got two that live in my backyard:  Peri and Peri’s Pa.  When I first bought the house Peri had a burrow under the southside pool decking.  He got his name cause he’d lift just his head and neck out of his burrow to see what was happening outside his home and the way he’d turn his head around he looked just like the periscopes you see in old-time submarine movies.  Cracked me right on up.  So I dubbed him Peri.  He was about two feet long at that time.  Then I saw the four foot BS and I knew it wasn’t Peri! They hung out in the same area so I decided he was Peri’s Pa.  Could be Peri’s Ma, but I ain’t gettin close enough to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.  Anyway.  Saturday Gibbs and I are lounging about the pool patio when I hear this noise to the left by the fence.  I glance over there and see this lizard hauling ass up the fence post.  And hauling ass right behind him is Peri!  Man, I never seen a lizard run so fast.  Seeing Peri slither up that fence post that quickly with no hands was just awesome to watch.  Peri never did catch Lizzy though cause Lizzy jumped to the safety of the big oak tree.  Guess Peri wasn’t that hungry cause he didn’t give chase anymore.



Peri going into the ferns


Peri's tummy

 That is just so cool!! Now I don’t want to be hearing that any of y’all kill the BSs in your yard.  If that’s what you do, just keep it to yourself.

Are hawks gorgeous or what??  All birds are cool but there’s just something about the power of the predatory birds that’s awesome to me.  I’m lucky enough to have a couple of hawks that hang around my neighborhood.  One’s HUGE and one’s a bit smaller.  Their fav places to hang out in my yard are the arbor, shed, and fence.  Unfortunately every time they came around this weekend my camera wasn’t handy…so this old pic of the smaller hawk will have to do.  Oh, and I took this from inside the house so it’s a bit grainy…  oh well.


 Well, did lots in the garden this week:  made a border out of busted up concrete, dealt with canker on the rose canes, picked up two loads of horse poopy, did the weekly fungicide / fish emulsion spray, weeded, and put out pinestraw in one of the beds.  whew.  Makes me tired just thinking of all that work.  My two favs though were the concrete border and the horse poopy.

I like having a border of some type around the beds.  Informal, non-fussy type borders.  Really, really like the look of uneven sizes of fieldstone stacked two courses high.  But being that I’m on a tight budget and haven’t won the lottery yet and have 1/3 of an acre that will eventually be almost all beds, well, that all adds up to Jeanni ain’t getting fieldstone borders any time soon…if ever.  A few weeks ago I noticed my neighbors had a bunch of busted up concrete just lying around.  I got to looking at the concrete, then looking at my beds, and damn if another light bulb didn’t go off!  They said they didn’t want the concrete so it came home with me to become the first of my busted up concrete bed borders! woo hoo! luv me some free stuff!


Other side of west fence bed


Part of West Fence Bed

Didn’t have enough to tuck the pieces as close together as I like.  BUT! I found a place that’s got a whole bunch of this just sitting around waiting for me to go get it so soon I’ll have all I need to tuck the pieces close and do the rest of the beds.  So…tell me what you think about my busted up concrete bed border idea!

Horse poopy!  Luv me some horse poopy for my garden beds.  Thanks to Paula and Roya from West Volusia Saddle Club for hooking me up with two local stables that give away their horse poopy.  Friday after work I rode over to a stable at Ormond Beach to get the first load.  Unloaded it Saturday morning bright and early, then went to a stable at New Smyrna Beach  (can you tell I live close to the beaches!!) to get my second load.  Here’s my poopy piles:


Poopy and Crazy Dog


Halfway done



Got poop spread around the roses before the rains came.  Gonna finish spreading the rest of it this coming weekend.  My flower and roses are gonna luv, luv, luv me!
I’ve got so much more that I want to share with you, but I’m tired and this post is long enough already.  So I’ll leave you with some pics of a rose I haven’t shown you yet.  This is Bow Bells.  She’s a David Austin English rose.

Bow Bell's Bud 07-20-11


Bow Bells 07-24-11


Bow Bells 07-24-11


Bow Bells 07-24-11

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Well, that’s all for now. Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!