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Ho, Ho Ho!!

Merry Christmas to you!  I hope everyone has a joyous, wonderful, loving, stress-free Christmas.

I’m having the perfect start to my morning:  coffee on the pool patio while watching the sun come up.  After it warms up a little, Gibbs is getting a bath, then I’ll finish packing our bags and we’re heading to Mom and Dad’s house.  Can’t wait to see my family again.

Weather’s going to be perfect:  around 80 for a high and sunny.  It’s about 60 right now (7:00 Christmas Eve morning).  Yep, that’s why I live in central Florida!

Gibbs, Bear, and Tide.

Bear and Tide were our puppy houseguests over Thanksgiving weekend.  The boys helped me decorate the Christmas tree…didn’t they do a wonderful job!
Well, time for another cup of coffee, so that’s all for now.  Cheers to a very awesome Christmas!
Jeanni and Gibbs

Gibbs at Lake Monroe

Gibbs and I were at Lake Monroe in Sanford today for Pet Rescue by Judy’s second annual PRBJ Reunion.  PRBJ is the shelter I adopted him from.  My friend Erin and her dog Tide, another PRBJ alum, met us there and we just had the best time!

There were bands playing and vendors selling cool stuff.  But the absolute best part was seeing all of the dogs with their forever families that have been adopted from PRBJ.  And hearing the PRBJ volunteers tell their stories of what our dogs did while at the shelter or how they got there.  It absolutely breaks my heart to hear how cruel people can be to an animal that looks to us for shelter and comfort and love.
My boy was at PRBJ about a year and at a high-kill shelter in Georgia before that (PRBJ is a no-kill shelter).  Apparently he was adopted and returned to PRBJ’s three or four times for various reasons (one reason has to do with his avid dislike of kitty cats…).  I hate that my boy had to go through all that but I guess that’s what had to happen for him and I to finally find each other.  One thing for sure is I’d be an awful lonely woman if it wasn’t for him.
Cute little Tide thankfully was only at the shelter for about two weeks before Howard and Erin adopted him.  If I remember correctly he was about five months old when they took him home.

Adorable Tide

Tide and Gibbs are playdate buddies.  They’re so funny when they’re together…they run and play and wrestle…

Play Time!

 and then zonk out for awhile.

Nappy Time!

Then one of them wakes up and starts picking on the other and then they’re off again!

Tide about to pounce...

No matter how much they’re together they still have to sniff the body parts…

Tide says Hey! I got one of those. Gibbs says yeah, but mine's bigger


smellin the butt

And they’re always just so excited to see each other!  They could have been together the day before but the minute they see each other the next time they just start tail wagging and jumping and getting so happy!  I’d love to have someone get that excited every time he saw me.
The weather was pretty bad today…rainy and windy.  While walking back to the truck after the Reunion I thought the lake looked kinda cool with the white caps and the sky and clouds with that stormy gray color so I took some pics.  I really liked the ones with Gibbs in them…he was my doggie model for the day!  (don’t forget to click on the pics to make them bigger.  you’ll be able to see more detail in the big pics.)

White caps on the lake


Looking very handsome...

 Even though Gibbs is a Plott Hound/Lab mix, he’s often mistaken as a Pitbull.  Because of that I get to see people’s reactions to what they think is a vicious dog just because of its breed.  Pits are not vicious because of their breed…they are vicious because humans make them that way.  Are they strong, intimidating looking dogs?  Yes, by no doubt they are.  But all dog breeds have to be treated respectfully and they have to be taught proper doggie manners.  PRBJ rescues alot of Pits that were used in fights or as bait dogs or just mistreated because of their breed.  Then they rehabilitate them so they can be adopted into loving, caring, happy forever homes.  Thank God for places like PRBJ and the people who work there.  One of the foster moms from PRBJ made the video below. Please take the time to watch it.
This week I’m hanging out with these awesome blogs.  Be sure to check them out!
Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!

Call the Popo cause a crime’s been committed!!

Well it seems some shenanigans of the worst kind took place in my very own home today.  About 10:00 I mosey one block down the road to watch Lake Helen’s 4th of July parade.  About 10:30 I mosey back that one block to my house.  Upon walking into the fireplace room I notice that something’s very amiss…  Hmmmmm.  What is wrong with this picture??  Well, for starters normally I don’t have a half-eaten loaf of bread just laying around the house! 

Where the crime took place

I wonder who may have put it there?  I’m thinking this boy, who goes by the name of Gibbs, looks pretty guilty.  What do you think?

The suspect

After investigating a bit more, I find actual CRUMBS on the rug of the aforementioned suspect.  It’s starting to look pretty bad for him about now…

The very convincing evidence

 About this time the suspect decides he better start sucking up to a not-very-happy momma cause he’s starting to feel like he’s in some pretty deep doo-doo.  He’s beginning to get the idea that maybe getting that loaf of bread that mom just brought home from the store YESTERDAY off of the countertop and eating half of it wasn’t such a good idea after all!

Half eaten loaf

So he proceeds to put on his I’m-so-sorry face and rubs against me and gives me little nose kisses.  But of course I can’t let him off that easy.  Oh no.  He’s got to learn his lesson that that behavior is just not accepted in this house.  And this is the face he gives me as I’m trying my darndest to yell at him…

Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful

Really?? Could you yell or be mad at that face?? I tell you what, it took everything I had not to laugh at him.  Had to just walk away.  Of course he followed me.  And of course I couldn’t even remotely stay mad very long.  Besides…it was just a loaf of bread.

Moral of the story:  Don’t leave bread on the countertop if you don’t want your dog to eat it.  Simple as that.