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Happy First Day of Summer…One Day Late

They say today’s the last day of 96 degree weather and that it’s supposed to drop down to normal temps…like 89 or 90ish.  I can live with that.  AND they say it’s a 60% chance of rain tomorrow.  I sure hope they know what they’re talking about.  Even with the heat and very little rain I’ve still got some flowers blooming.  Today the Rose of Sharon had a couple of flowers and lots of buds.  Her botanical name is Hibiscus syriacus, common name is Rose of Sharon, and cultivar is ‘Minerva.’  Here she blooms from around May to hard frost.  Which could be anywhere from December to January.  She likes full sun to part shade, grows about 10-15′ tall and 6-10′ wide.  She gets more of an arching shape to her as she grows.  She’s only two years old, so still has a lot of growing and filling in to do.  Pretty, isn’t she.  Oh, and she is not even remotely related to the rose family, but she is in the Hibiscus family.