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‘Madame Legrelle’

No, that’s not my new stripper name…that’s the cultivar name of my Ornamental Pomegranate.

Botanical: Punica granatum; Common: Ornamental Pomegranate. The bud is just starting to open.

“Punica granatum” just sounds kinda funny, so I stick with Ornamental Pom.  😉
I was in Savannah on the wonderful Savannah NOG garden tour when I first saw this tree.  It was full grown and just loaded down with those peach and white striped flowers.  I thought I’d died and gone to flowering tree heaven!  I knew right then I’d have one for my own garden.  It took me a few years, but I finally have one.
I bought this from Rare Find Nursery in 2010.  It was about 2′ tall when I got it in the ground.  Now it’s about 5′ tall and maybe 3′ wide.  Should get 10-15′ tall and 8-10′ wide.  Blooms heavy in the spring, then off and on till cold sets in.  She usually goes deciduous in the winter unless it’s a mild one.  I don’t have a good full shot of her.  I’ll get one later and post it for y’all.
And here’s a pic of her absolutely gorgeous flower.  Is that to die for or what???
Well, “They” were partly correct with the weather forecast yesterday:  we did get some rain today.  And it’s still 60% for the next couple of days.  Keeping those fingers crossed.
That’s it for tonight.  Everyone have a marvelous Thursday!