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Garden Journal

 Yo.  Whatzup with you? Glad you’re hangin with me today!

Hey, do you keep a garden journal?  Is it handwritten or ‘puterized?  I’ve kept one off and on for the past twenty-some-odd years.  Handwritten on notebook paper and kept in 3-ring binders.  But it’s time to put down the pen and pick up the keyboard so this blog is gonna take the place of my notebook paper and binders (am I the only one that thinks that’s kinda sad?).  A downside to that is I’ve got a desktop pc so I can’t sit outside and work on journal updates like I could with pen and paper.  bummer.  The plan though is to buy myself a laptop Christmas present (I’ll try to act surprised…) so that problem will be solved in a few short months.

Well.  Let’s see.  Since this is now my garden journal, it needs to be updated with all the info I kept in the binders:

  • Plant descriptions and pics.  Already started on this…got so many more to add it’s almost overwhelming.  Gotta keep reminding myself that one at a time is all I can do.
  • Garden layouts.  I design my gardens by hand on graph paper so it’ll be easy to scan and add a “Garden Layout” page.  That way when I post about adding plants to the East Fence Bed you’ll know what I”m talking about!  I don’t label my plants in the garden so the layouts remind me who got planted where.  Don’t wanna be calling anyone by the wrong name.  It hurts their feeling and they pout by not blooming as well…
  • Before and after pics.  Yep…wait till you see what the garden looked like in the beginning.
  • Fertilizing and pruning info.
  • Good bug / bad bug info.
  • Gardening definitions.

I want this to be not just my journal but also someplace you can come to and enjoy garden pics and maybe learn something you didn’t know about gardening.  After all, sharing information with other gardeners is one of the many aspects of gardening that I love.

Ok.  Kinda got my thoughts going in the right direction now.  So now I’m gonna introduce you to my garden beds so you can see what I’ve got in each one.  Today you get to meet the West Fence Bed!  This is the bed I recently added the concrete border to so you’ve already seen a couple of pics of it.

Shed side of west fence bed

Driveway Side of West Fence Bed

Middle of West Fence Bed

Looking at West Fence Bed from Shade Area

WFB is a pretty big bed – 61′ long x 14′ at its widest point and 6′ at its narrowest point.  The plants in it were planted either in 2010 or 2011, so they’re pretty much babies.

I chose Society Garlic as the border. Luv, luv, luv Society Garlic.

Society Garlic


Society Garlic Bloom


Society Garlic Border (before concrete border)

On the fence line I’m alternating Fire Bush with climbing roses.  The only climber in the bed now is Alister Stella Gray.  I’ve got spaces for two more…just haven’t decided which ones to get yet.

Alister Stella Gray (Full Shrub)


Alister Stella Gray


Alister Stella Gray


Alister Stella Gray 07-23-2011

Two of the Fire Bush came back nicely from last winter’s freeze.  The third was a bit slooowwer to start growing again.  But since the rains finally came all three have put on a ton of growth. 

Fire Bush

Hey – look!  There’s weeds in that bed!  ha.

Fire Bush Bloom

Around the sitting area are three white lantana.  White lantana seems to be less hardy than some of the other lantana colors…maybe that’s why it isn’t seen used as much.  Personally…I think it’s gorgeous.

Lantana - White

I’ve got a bird feeder in this bed and as usual for having a bird feeder all kinds of weeds and corn and stuff start growing around it.  99% of that stuff gets pulled out but seeing this pop up just made me smile:


It’s so cute!

Sunflower behind Society Garlic

I’ve got a few other roses in this bed.  They are:
Sheila’s Perfume

Sheila's Perfume


Sheila's Perfume


Sheila's Perfume



Mutabilis is a China rose and one of the cool things about it is its flowers change colors!  They vary from peach to pink to red.  A bush in full bloom is so pretty cause it looks like it’s got a bunch of different colored butterflies resting on it.  Can’t wait till mine gets bigger and starts blooming more.





Sheila's Perfume in front and Mutabilis in the back

 Madame Isaac Perriere

Madam Isaac Perriere


Madam Isaac Perriere

 And last but not least of the roses is Jacqueline du Pre.  However Ms Jacqui hasn’t been behaving very nicely this year…she got blackspot and went nekkid for awhile.  Lately though she’s decided she looks much prettier with clothes on so she’s starting to leaf out.  I was gonna post a pic of her but she told me she would be horribly embarrassed if I did that.  So I promised her I’d wait till she got all glamed up before showing her off.  Yeah, I talk to my flowers…don’t you??
And that is my West Fence Bed.  It’s nowhere as full up with flowers as I plan it to be, and the ones that are planted are nowhere near how big and beautiful they’re gonna get.  I’m usually out in the garden taking pics every week so I’ll be sure to post them so you can see the changes too.
Hope you’ve enjoyed my West Fence Bed tour!  Next week we’ll do a tour of another bed.
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Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!