Kronprincessin Viktoria

  • Bourbon
  • Either 1888 or 1887
  • Spath / Germany or Volvert / France (respectively per the year)
  • Sport of Souvenir de la Malmaison
  • Creamy white with a touch of yellow in the center
  • Large, very double
  • Strong
  • Repeats in flushes year round
  • 5×5
  • 6-10
  • Two planted in Driveway Bed in November 2009.  Own root from Roses Unlimited.

Kronprincessin Viktoria 09-06-2010


Kronprincessin Viktoria 09-06-2010











I added this pic to show the bush form, so ignore the glaring blobs of white.  White blooms are so hard to photograph.

Kronprincessin Viktoria 09-06-2010

The above shows part of my Driveway Bed before the horrendous cold winter of 2010/11.  I lost all the Pentas (the red ones) and the majority of the Mexican Heather.

Kronprincessin Viktoria 01-10-2011

Well, as you can see, she didn’t go completely dormant even with the cold.  Does she look her best?  Um, pretty much a very big no.

Kronprincessin Viktoria 01-10-2011

She’s so pretty.  And smells so good!

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