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Weed and Wine Weekend

Ok.  Hmmmmm.  Tell me the truth now.  Which definition of “weed” popped into your pretty little head when you read that title??  lol.  It actually pertains to the gardening type of weed…as in sitting on my butt in the garden beds pulling and cutting and digging  the little buggers out.  Pulled so many of them I filled up my big weed can:

Barrel o' Weeds

Those weeds weren’t just tossed in the can willy nilly…no, those were packed down as tight as I could possibly get them to make way for more weeds.  Have to make my confession for the day:  Because of our very-hot-and-no-rain weather this Spring, I have been the worst kind of Garden Mom.  Meaning…I’d stand in the garden room looking out the sliding glass doors and just wave at the plants cause it was too dang hot out there for me! And I LOVE hot weather, so if I be sayin it’s too hot for me to go out, you can bet your bippy it’s blazin outside.  But thankfully Mother Nature’s taken pity on us Floridians and dropped the temps to normal hot and even gave us rain.  So I spent pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday in my garden.  And, man, did I have a ball.  Weeding to me is pretty much therapy.  You get instant gratification at doing something that makes the garden look prettier, and it’s one of the few times in life you’re actually allowed to kill something you hate!  ha!  The only time I left my house all weekend was to go…wait for it…to the nursery to buy plants to replace the dug up weeds!!  Woo hoo!  I’m so lucky cause there’s a great little nursery about two or so miles from me called A Place in The Son.  Yeah, I know…it’s quite dangerous having a nursery that close.  I’d link to their website but I don’t think they even have one.  Anyway.  Went there with the intention of replacing a Night Blooming Jasmine that didn’t make it through our cold winter.  Not only did I get the Night Blooming, I also got a Variegated Shell Ginger

Variegated Shell Ginger 07-11-11

Heliotrope 07-11-11

AND in the Bargain Barn area I swooped up two replacement heliotrope for $1.00 apiece.  Well alrighty then!

On top of the wonderful weeding adventure, I also transplanted a Muhly grass to a better location and put the new Night Blooming Jasmine in its old home.  Have you ever smelled a Night Blooming Jasmine in bloom?  Oh my Lord…it’s one of the most beautiful smelly plants out there.  And I grow roses, so that’s sayin a whole lotta lot. It blooms in these clusters off and on all year round till it gets cold.  Very old-time Southern pass-along plant. 

Night Blooming Jasmine 2010

Oh!  Check this out!  Even though I’ve been lamenting bout how bad the weather’s been, look what I found in my garden this weekend:


Agapanthus 07-11-11

I planted two white-flowering Agapanthus in April 2010, but they didn’t bloom at all last year.   So I’m pretty excited that one of them is blooming this year!   Yeah, I know she’s got some brown leaves.  Heck, I’m happy she even has leaves at this point. 

Agapanthus 07-11-11

 All of my roses took a pretty bad hit this year from the cold then the heat/no rain.  They’re just now starting to show new leaf growth, but definitely weren’t blooming like they usually do.  So seeing this little baby rose on one of the Duchers just made me smile.

Ducher 07-11-11

See all those red leaves?  That’s new growth.  And that perfect, tiny rose bud is just awesome.  Nature always amazes me.
Oh, back to the “wine” definition…it’s exactly what you think it is.  Trust me, after all that work this weekend I needed a good glass or two. 

Wine Time!

Yeah, I know it’s the cheap stuff.  What the heck…I haven’t won the lottery yet, so gotta keep buying cheap wine so I can keep buying new plants for the garden!
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Well, that’s all for now.  Cheers to an awesome rest of the day!